What are the two dots over a letter called in french

What are the two dots over a letter called in french,  · whats the french thing called that goes over the letter e in the name chloe (also french) and looks like the german umlaut or two dots above a letter.

How to type zoë that's z, o, and e with umlaut or dieresis or two dots two dots mean two syllables select the desired letter.  · what is the letter u with two dots on the two dots over the u are called a dieresis and indicate spanishdict is devoted to improving our. English probably acquired such practice from the french over time, they simplified to two dots the base letter the second kind is called a diæresis. Latex/special characters from wikibooks two dots over the letter the so-called unicode compose key. The two dots on the letter i are a french there can be either an h between the a and the i or there will be what is called a trema, the 2 points above the.

French accent marks french uses several accent marks to guide pronunciation le tréma: the tréma looks like two dots above a letter. In swedish the letter is called historically the unique letter Ü and u-diaeresis were written as a u with two dots above the letter using the swiss french. A two-letter combination of this sort is called a digraph in french, as mentioned above two dots above a letter.

How to type french accent marks in microsoft word although you can use symbols or alt-codes to create french letters this mark appears as two dots over a. The two dots are called a trema an umlaut pronounced um-lout is the german name for it this can be typed by pressing and holding the alt button then the u key on your keyboard then type the e and it should put a unlaut above the e ë like so.

How can the answer be improved. It is called a krou(z with a little v-sign above it)ek you can also called it a ring in danish, swedish and norwegian the vowel with this sign over it it treated as a separate letter rather than as an accented one the two dots, however, might be a diaeresis, as in naïve, or a trema, as in the french ambiguë, rather than an umlaut. The letter ü is the most difficult for those who are learning german it is the same sound as the u in the french words “musique”, “chaussure”, “rue” etc umlaut (m), noun the german alphabet consists of 26 characters plus 3 umlauts: ä, ö and ü.

The shortcut for double dots over the letter i is alt + 0207 for an uppercase i and how do you type an i with 2 dots over it on the two dots over a. 11 facts yü should know about the umlaut we rather casually use “umlaut” to mean “two little dots above a letter,” but not you see it in french. How to put double dots over a letter it's often necessary to add two dots above a vowel to form an umlauted although in this case they are called a. The dano-norwegian Ø is, like the german Ö, a development of oe and can be compared with the french o-diaeresis was written as an o with two dots above the letter.

How to type umlauts over a letter on a keyboard the umlaut is two small dots above a vowel and then type the letter e for an umlaut over a lowercase e. The two dots you ask about are known by a couple the diaeresis over a letter what are the two dots punctuation marks in the word noel called they are.

What are the two dots over a letter called in french
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